BI FLSensor

Bitrek GPS Fuel level sensor – is a digital capacitive sensor, that is used on diesel engines. The accuracy of the sensor depends on the temperature and is around 99.1% – 99.3%.

This equipment detects the current fuel level real-time and fixes any changes during fuel charging or fuel thefts.

The body of the device is made of material resistant to temperature extremes and mechanical stress. The head of the sensor is filled with a compound and measuring element made of aluminum; the length is between 750 and 3000 mm. The fuel sensor can be as short as 150 mm.



Bitrek GPS produces fuel level sensors for diesel engines for years. Here we present the latest release of FL level sensor. We constantly perceiving feedbacks from our dealers, and in this Fuel sensor, we reconsidered such points:

1. We improved the design and fitting method of the isolation cover in the sensor head; this cover fixes the measuring probe.

As a result of these changes:– we increased sensor durability at the probe attachment point;

The sensor head’s tightness increased. Fixed problem: on vehicles with a broken tank ventilation system, fuel under pressure invaded the sensor head and disrupted its efficiency.

2. The mechanical hardness of the measuring probe increased.

As a result – the probe’s strength and resistance to mechanical pressure (which can occur when the fuel moves in the tank) increased. And sensor readings have become more stable.

3. Changed the design and increased the durability of the connection between the sensor head and the measuring probe.

4. The connection type of the measuring probe changed. As a result of these changes, the output SignalGND pin (brown wire) is now galvanically isolated from the measuring probe’s outer tube.

5. The form and fastening method of the protective cap at the end of the measuring probe changed. 

As a result:

  • slipping of the cap from the probe excluded;
  • the cap is excluded from the measuring circuit of the sensor.

We also have other features and hardware extensions for that device. Using Bitrek’s external modules, we can design unique and applicable for any vehicle type and providing a non-stop control system for your project.

Power supply
9V - 36V
Current consumption (12V)
Power supply protection
ISO 7637-2
Built-in temperature sensor
Measurement error:
average temperature from -20 to +80 °C
±0,7 %
ambient temperature from -40 to -20 °C
±0,9 %
Sensors temperature range
-40...+125 °С
Temperature measurement error
±2 °С
Data rate
19200 Bit/s
Possible data transfer rate
1200/2400/4800/9600/38400/57600/115200 Bit/s
Type of data filtering
Kalman filter
Measured liquid
Diesel fuel, Kerosene, Motor oil
Cable length
7000mm / optional
Standard length of the probe
750mm / optional
Case class of protection
Switching connector class of protection
Housing material
PA6 (glass-filled polyamide)
Operating temperature range
40…+80 °С
Weight of the sensor with a complete set
920 gr
Diameter of the measuring probe
FL Sensor head size
61,7х62х32 mm / 2.43x2.44x1.26 inch
Operational manual

Download file

FL sensor configurator manual

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2014/53/EU Radio Equipment Directive Homologation certificate

Download file

2014/35/EU Low Voltage Device Homologation certificate

Download file

2014/30/EU Electromagnetic compatibility Homologation certificate

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2011/65/EU RoHS conformity certificate

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ISO certification for production lines

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