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Bitrek GPS sp. z o.o. was founded and launched in Warsaw, Poland. We have a few decades of competence in electronics development, production, and supply behind this name. Telematics and IoT hardware is our passion; our top-level idea is to design an ecosystem of sensors that will provide end-to-end control of your fleet. Any vehicle’s type, on any surface (ground, underground, water), anytime – full access to data and remote control. And 350K delivered devices worldwide speak for it better than any words. However, this path is long, and despite on own experience in hardware development – we always consider 3rd party integration for niche products. We invite start-ups, developers, and telematics geeks to the partnership. Do you think your work can reinvent the market? Then don’t wait – write to us. We can offer our vast developments database for your service and a B2B network of global partners to try your product on different markers. Let’s rock together!

Our role in the telematics market is to act as a bridge between backend hardware developments and end-users business tasks. Bitrek GPS is where all the magic happens, and complicated things appear in a clear, terse, and efficient way. We stand for the responsibility of our actions; we are not afraid to try new patterns. As a global B2B player, we know how important it is to design and carefully deliver a product that adds value to our partners' business. Our success story is written by our partner's wins. BD Director Anatolii Tahirov

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