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Cropio is an equipment-integrated, end-to-end software solution that provides remote monitoring of agricultural land, field operations planning and machinery tracking. Cropio also provides meteorological data and weather forecast, contains an advanced field recording system, does yield forecasting and can be easily integrated with any other programs/services through its web interface. Cropio is the first satellite-imagery-based crop health management software that enables its users to monitor fields, weather, crops and machines from one platform with only one login. The goal of the Platform is to reduce the costs of production and increase productivity through early identification of field problem zones and rational use of resources.

Many users already know Cropio as the best crop health monitoring system in the agricultural sector. The program became the market leader due to the fact that it automatically collects, processes, organizes and correctly interprets data from a variety of sources — from global satellite systems to individual meteorological sensors — and in a single format gives the user an overall assessment of the situation in his fields.

Crop monitoring is very important, but just a part of all Cropio functionality. It’s important not only to get information about the current state of crops, but also to use it wisely. Therefore, in the future, all data from the Crop Health module will be transferred to the Agricultural Operations module in order to plan and conduct agricultural work, taking into account the field relief features and current crop conditions. The Telematics module works in tight tandem with crop monitoring and agricultural operations tools. The module allows farmers to connect agricultural machinery to the system, assign tasks to it, and connect these tasks to operations created for each individual field. As a result, we compare the quality of work carried out by machines with the current state of crops in the field.

Users can integrate all GPS trackers and sensors, installed on company’s equipment. The system is able to read the data from almost all of the most popular devices and protocols in the world. In addition, Cropio users have the ability to synchronize data with Telemetry systems from the leading world manufacturers of agricultural equipment (John Deere, CNH, CLAAS, etc.).

The Platform has a whole set of mobile applications for different purposes and different users: top managers, shareholders, agronomists, dispatchers, engineering services, etc. All applications can be downloaded for Android and iOS. The main advantage of such applications is that the more data an agronomist receives in real time, the more precise decision he makes.

Moreover, the system is constantly evolving and adjusting its functionality to the needs of a particular customer and new equipment. Each farmer selects an individual set of services that will be used on his farm and in the company in order to build his own digital farm. In the future, new and new services will be added to Cropio, which can be connected as necessary.

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All Bitrek GPS equipment works fluently with the Cropio platform.