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Uffizio India is a daughter company of Uffizio GmbH, Berlin, Germany which has been operating since 1995. Uffizio India was founded in the year 2000. It was established with the purpose of developing software for the European market and the Indian market as well.
In the year 2015 we stepped into the field of Telematics Industry. And within a few years of span we have become one of the fastest growing companies in the field of telematics.
We are operating in more than 60 countries with over 400,000+ vehicle units.
Uffizio India provides software services to the large scale of business worldwide. Over the past years, we have gained strong expertise by providing software solutions to our clients across industry verticals. We have built a strong governance and project delivery methodology that provides us a superior edge over our competitors. We have set up a strong technical team that develops and deploys tactical software solutions for our clients‘ complex requirements.
Uffizio is the fastest-growing company known for providing the best GPS tracking software and successfully delivering various products in the telematics industry. The products provide high-quality software with up-to-date technology for managing fleets, school buses, consignments, rental vehicles, and field employees. The company’s software is compatible with any domain and has achieved success in various domains.

Our Software Products. We customize our solutions to perfectly meet your needs.


Now manage your fleet without moving your feet! Our GPS based Fleet Management Software not only helps you with tracking but also makes your business operations easier with its exceptional management features.


We have developed the best School Bus Tracking Software to fulfil All your tracking
requirements. School Management App + Parents App + Drivers App = Complete child safety!


Here’s a splendid solution for both the employers and the employees! One program that lets employers track their on-field employees while also gives employees a platform to manage their tasks.


Say goodbye to transportation malfunctions with this ingenious Logistic Tracking System. Tracking and managing consignments have never been easier!

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All Bitrek GPS equipment works fluently with Uffizio products.