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Partner description

Gurtam is the developer and provider of software solutions for fleet management, GPS tracking, and IoT. The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Minsk (Belarus) with sales offices in Moscow (Russia), Boston (USA), Dubai (UAE), and Buenos Aires (Argentina). Gurtam’s flagship solution is Wialon, the platform for GPS tracking and IoT available in cloud and server-based versions.

The platform is compatible with over 2,100 types of GPS tracking devices and is used by 1,600+ service providers in more than 130 countries with 2,400,000+ units being tracked worldwide.

According to the Berg Insight research agency report, Wialon is the leading GPS monitoring system in CIS, occupying about 40% of the CIS commercial carrier market and is actively expanding to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the USA, South America, and Australia.

Wialon-based niche applications by Gurtam address specific tasks such as field works control, vehicles maintenance management, scheduled transportation management, personal tracking, and more:

  • Hecterra is an effective web application designed specifically for the agricultural sector. It monitors the field works based on the telematics data from Wialon. The solution delivers data on fields, crops, field operations as well as drivers and special vehicles to agronomists, dispatchers, and managers of agricultural enterprises.
  • NimBus is the solution that comprises the core functionality of Wialon satellite tracking system and specialized tools designed for passenger transportation management. Use the service to create stops, optimize routes, distribute vehicles across routes, manage schedules, and track route performance in real time.
  • Fleetrun is the Wialon-based web application for maintenance planning, control, and expenditure recording. Fleetrun is for those who want to reduce fleet operation costs, avoid critical breakdowns, and reduce the time spent at the service station.With this application, you can control all kinds of services and expenditures for individual spare parts, vehicles, and even kilometer performance.

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Compatible equipment

All Bitrek’s hardware is integrated in Wialon, and works perfect.

All Bitrek’s hardware is integrated in Wialon, and works perfect.