Bitrek UX RTK module

Bitrek’s external UX RTK module.

Module designed to solve real-time high-precision positioning tasks using RTK antenna. UX module transmits received GPS data via an internal CAN interface to the gateway (Smart NVR Bitrek).

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Bitrek UX RTK module designed with precise u-Blox module onboard operates with L2 level signals. This allows the detection of more satellites, and UX equipped with an RTK antenna provides precise tracking in fields, up to 1 sm.

Shortlist of benefits:

  • 1 sm precision tracking;
  • swiss components;
  • secure and protected by original case;
  • designed for field conditions and  outdoor usage,
  • 24 months warranty.

Principles of RTK operation – receiving corrections from external sources (exact points) via GSM or other communication channels. It requires purchasing additional services from RTK providers. This service is not included in the hardware cost.

To define a full list of possible features for your business task pls contact us directly.

Launch time (coordinates detection)
hot start - 2 sec; cold start - 24 sec
Navigations systems
GPS (L1C/A , L2C) GLONASS (L1OF, L2OF) BEIDOU (B1l, B2l) Galileo (E1-B/C, E5B)
GPS antenna type
external dual-band active antenna
Coordinates accuracy
0.5 - 1.5 m (autonomous mode) 1cm 1ppm RMS (with differential correction)
tracking: -167 dBm hot start: -157 dBm cold start: -148 dBm
bitrek CAN
9V / 36V
Current consumption (12V)
Maximum consumption (12V)
Dimensions of the module (W х L х H)
78 х 83 х 30 mm / 3.07 x 3.26 x 1.18 inch
Dimensions of an external GPS antenna (W х L х H)
82 х 60 х 23 mm / 3.23 x 2.36 x 0.9 inch
Case protection
Net weight
300 g / 0.66 LBS
Operational temperature range
-30°С tо +80°С
Operational humidity range

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