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Bitrek CMS Manager

Bitrek CMS Manager – want to operate tens of NVRs in one place? Easy!

We designed Bitrek CMS Manager to make working with our NVRs comfortable. With Bitrek CMS, you can quickly onboard experienced engineers and new users without a technical background.

CMS allow allows you to:

  1. Manage each unit separately or as a group of units.
  2. Manage and share user rights;
  3. Backup and update;
  4. Create and edit users (super-admin, admin, user);
  5. The status bar lets you quickly identify and fix technical issues with your devices.
  6. File manager allows you to create, store, edit, send, and request storage files.
  7. Restore your login and password by email.
  8. We would like to hear your feedback! As we are constantly working on upgrading Bitrek’s NVR software and CMS – you can let us know what features you would like to add to our CMS here: video@bitrek.ua
  9. FAQ – Bitrek CMS manual: https://docs.bitrek.video/doku.php?id=en:cmsmain
  10. Bitrek NVR can be found here: https://bitrekgps.com/products/mnvr-s261/