This device leads Bitrek’s GPS industrial line. The device works in 2G bands and equipped with 2 SIMs, external antennas, and popular automotive interfaces: CAN (FMS), RS-485, RS-232, 1-Wire, six digital inputs, and two analog inputs. Internal battery 1000 mAh, and a variety of digital and analog ports.

The case material is high-temperature strengthened fiberglass, IP65. The device has a few modifications, and we can supply it based on Intel or Qualcomm chipsets. BI 910 Trek has a rough case and industrial IP68 connector; this allows operation in harsh conditions. For more information, pls check the product description.

GPS terminal, which leads the industrial line of Bitrek GPS products. We designed it, especially for hard conditions in industrial and agriculture areas, where you need solid IP 65 case protection, and all possible automotive interfaces: CAN, RS 485, RS 232, 1-Wire, 6DIN, and 2AIN.

The case material is high-temperature strengthened fiberglass.

You can use this device to read vehicles CAN data using the j1939 standard and connect plenty of external sensors via other interfaces. Also, you can use voice communication with this tracker, to call the driver in case of an emergency.

BI 910 supports any amount of Bitrek’s sensors via RS 485 interface – a few fuel level meters plus an RFID, etc. In the meantime, BI 910 Trek has 6 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs for attaching various sensors.

Shortlist of possibilities:

– RS 485 interface (you can connect up to 4 Bitrek Fuel level sensors, or Bitrek’s RFID reader for engine/ignition control and driver ID, or any other external sensor);

-RS 232 interface;

– Ain, two analog inputs (any analog sensors support, for example, up to 4 temperature sensors, etc.);

– DIn, six digital inputs;

– DOut, two configurable digital output to manage external sensors (engine cut relays, etc.);

– Fuel monitoring through Fuel level or digital flowmeters;

– FOTA support (remote firmware updates).

We also have other features and hardware extensions for that device. Using Bitrek’s external modules, we can design unique and applicable for any vehicle type and providing a non-stop control system for your project.

Wireless capabilities
Data transmission
Data processing
GPRS, SMS, Calls
Tecnology bands
Frequences (2G)
GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GSM-900 Transmitter power
888-915 MHz/933-960 MHz Up to 2 W
GSM-1800 Transmitter power
1710-1785 MHz/1805-1880 MHz Up to 1 W
GPS modem
1575,42 MHz (L1)
GPS / GSM antennas
2 (dual SIM)
Current consumption (12V)
Max consumption (12V)
Voltage range of digital inputs
0V - 40V
Supply voltage
12V / 24V
Supply voltage range
9V - 36V with premium overvoltage protection
Analog inputs voltage
0V - 27V
Onboard battery
1000mAh (Up to 12 hours)
Maxim current of digital outputs
0.5 A
CAN (FMS), RS 485, RS 232, 1-Wire
Digital input with active “0”
Digital input with active “1”
Digital output
Digital inputs
Analog inputs
Type of digital outputs
Open collector
Internal memory
65 000 records
Physical parameters
127 х 95 х 35 mm / 5 x 3.74 x 1.42 inch
Case material
High-temperature strengthened fiberglass.
Weight net
200g / 0.44 lbs
Weight gross
615g / 1.35 LBS
Case protection
Operational temperature range
-30°С tо +80°С
Operational humidity range
Operational manual

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Data sheet

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2014/53/EU Radio Equipment Directive Homologation certificate

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2014/35/EU Low Voltage Device Homologation certificate

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2014/30/EU Electromagnetic compatibility Homologation certificate

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2011/65/EU RoHS conformity certificate

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ISO certification for production lines

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