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Primasoft LLC

For requesting demo access to this platform and live testing of our equipment pls let us know.

Primasoft LLC is an IT company that develops software products for satellite monitoring of vehicles using GPS/GLONASS and GSM technologies. The company was founded in 2018. The head office is located in Minsk (Belarus), representative offices are opened in Kyiv (Ukraine) and other CIS countries. The main product of Primasoft LLC is Aurora, a professional platform for GPS monitoring of vehicles, available in such formats: software-as-a-service (SaaS), for deployment in “clouds” and local solution for deployment on the local server.

Aurora has clear and intuitive system interface, that’s is simple and easy to understand.  Which allows to avoid the complexity points associated with the implementation of technical and managerial tasks for fleet control. The main job in developing the platform was to concentrate on the most understandable flow of information without overloading the workspace with unnecessary elements. This approach has reduced the time for education and launching of Aurora system for new customers in various industries.

Advantages of Aurora:

  • Intuitive interface. Access via Web-browser and mobile application IOS and Android;
  • Aurora system is developed entirely on Bitrek’s hardware (and the NaviTrack sub-brand for the CIS market), is fully compatible and can use all the functions of this equipment;
  • High speed of work and reporting;
  • Multilanguage. The ability to quickly customize to the national standards of the country of use;
  • Web-solution in the cloud (Aurora Hosting) and the ability to deploy your own local solution;
  • The system supports almost all types of cards used in vehicle monitoring: Yandex. Google, OpenStreetMap; Maritime maps, etc;
  • Regular system update packages improve it with a new features, industry-specific solution perks, and all that makes the system universal and flexible.

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All Bitrek’s hardware is integrated in Aurora, and works perfect.