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Telematics conference. UAE, Dubai, 2019.

In October 2019, Bitrek’s team took part in the Gurtam Dubai partners conference; this event preceded the GITEX Technology Week, the biggest tech show in the Middle East.
Dubai partners conference is a great add-on for IoT zone participants on Gurtam mega booth. It is a kind of local event with a strong presence of local players in all categories. In the meantime, it’s the best place where you can get concentrated market experience, meet local professionals and opinion leaders, become familiar with market requirements in the region, and have some fun during networking.
Hardware manufacturers, software producers, local integrators with their own cases, and all those united by hosts in a one friendly, self-educating community.
It is hard to underestimate the value of such communication.
Bitrek, as a mega booth participant, had the privilege to make a presentation of its own technological perks and share some experience with conference attendees.
Our presentation included two cases: waste management and taxi case.
1. Waste management system.
Based on Bitrek Сonnect hardware ecosystem, this hardware kit provides up to 100 sensors per truck. However, normally there is no need for such an amount of sensors; you still always have the advantage to raise the value of your proposal by adding any automotive sensor type via RS232, RS485, digital or analog inputs.
The solution contained:
– Bitrek NVR;
– 3 IP cameras;
– Bitrek MF01 RFID reader;
– Bitrek BLE tags;
– BI 530P Trek;
– special paw sensor.
2. Taxi eco-driving and speed limitation system.
With a BI 530P Trek as a hub, this system was designed to provide a few new taxi cars’ control levels and educate the drivers to behave well with new vehicles. Also, it decreases the overspeeding fines.
The solution contained:
– BI 530P Trek;
– CAN speed limiter;
– Bitrek MF01 RFID reader;
– TPMS system.
For more information about product logic pls visit here: https://bitrekgps.com/cases/
The conference organization was at a high level; everyone from the Gurtam team was really caring about the process.
Perfect location, format, and schedule.
Due to ”insides” from the participants – the conference becomes better year by year)
You can read more about the event here: https://gurtam.com/en/blog/telematics-dubai-2019?utm_sourc