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Telematics CEEurope

The 2019’s autumn had a high concentration of valuable events in the Telematics industry. Our team visited the most efficient ones.
One of them was a Telematics conference in Prague, the Czech Republic, in September 2019. The history of this conference started in 2011 in Belgrade, Serbia, by Ergo Institute Ltd. Since that time conference has become an annual event and was improving and growing up every year. The geographical sign was also expanding. Today, you participate in the Telematics conference in Dubai (covering the Middle East players) or Europe (covering EU, CIS, Ukraine, and other countries).
Prague conference center hosted the 9th annual edition. We met our partners from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Lietuva, and even India. Also, for us, it was handy to meet with other providers from the Telematics circle. We found new partners for our upcoming projects, such as global connectivity SIM providers, 3D map designers for autonomous offline operation, weight control systems, and others.
Bitrek’s team participated with a booth; we brought our solutions for commercial fleets and service cars and precision agriculture.
Our solution for service fleets usually include:
  • BI 530P Trek – multifunctional GPS tracker with eco-driving feature;
  • Speed limiter – operating and managing speed of the vehicle through CAN;
  • Bitrek’s RFID reader – for ignition control and driver ID;
  • Can log – to raise the value by CAN parameters;
  • TPMS – tire pressure monitoring system.
In general, Bitrek’s team had a wonderful time combined with effective personal meetings. We wish to truly thank the event organizers – Ergo Institute Ltd and personally to the Director Dr. Alenka Bezjak Mlakar and Event manager Nevena Knežević.